We at MS Schippers have got an ideal and we love to tell about it…

MS Schippers is originally a Dutch company and does not deny its origins. The Netherlands is the second agricultural exporter in the world and Dutch livestock farming is at the forefront when it comes to knowledge development and innovation. MS Schippers plays an important role here and also brings this knowledge abroad.

The farmers and our customers are an important link in the production of food products, such as milk, meat and eggs. A healthy environment is crucial for the well-being of the animals, but also for the reduction of antibiotic use in livestock farming. This is important for both animals and humans, because antibiotics will work in the future if we really need them. And that is where our ideal lies ...

Improve animal health

We help our farmers to reduce the use of antibiotics by (further) improving animal health. We do this by developing and selling innovative products and concepts. In addition, we train and coach our customers in the field of barn hygiene.

Result: In the countries where we are active, the use of antibiotics is decreasing tremendously; so we are really on the right track! Our goal is to be the market leader in Europe. With the vision "Without Antibiotics" as a principle, we want to be able to help every European farmer to improve their business for the foreseeable future.

MS Schippers is conquering the world

MS Schippers is conquering the world: we are growing at lightning speed and in mid-2021 we are moving into a hypermodern head office of 42,000 m2 near Eindhoven (the Netherlands). We extend our "standard range" to more than 100,000 products and are now active in more than 40 countries worldwide. Within 5 years every farmer must have access to MS Schippers products anywhere in the world.
Our growth has meanwhile resulted in 500+ employees, 25,000+ products and 12+ offices; we are increasingly positioning ourselves in an international market. The growth of recent years has made us realise that the possibilities are endless. We are more ambitious than ever and we make every effort to let our customers farm even better.

Our culture

General Manager Schippers Canada

Joost van Asten (age 40)

"Take initiative, work hard and honest and -most importantly- be yourself!"

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Technical Marketing Manager – Brazil

Débora Bernardes (age 27)

"Schippers is a partner you can count on…"

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Division Manager Poultry

Thomas Mallens (age 31)

"You will be challenged at Schippers..."

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HR Manager

Jasper Lauwers (age 47)

"In the end we are just a bunch of normal human beings doing something exceptional. And that's my reason of being happy to be here."

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