Débora Bernardes (age 27)

Schippers is a partner you can count on…

Ever since I started at Schippers (initially in Brazil and now in the Netherlands) we worked together to build a trustworthy relationship that opened many different doors on both ends. I feel that, either as employees or customers, we can trust Schippers to be committed and bring in the action to make things happen on a win-win basis.

How I get to make a difference…

My role at the moment is to help the brazilian branch perform better, making the livestock sector in Brazil (and later on in South America) more professional and profitable. I’m constantly sharing knowledge with multiple departments, from sales support and marketing to exports and regulatory affairs, and that itself is a quite rich learning experience.

About having happy Mondays…

To remain motivated you have to feel like you’re part of something, and look at the big picture. Schippers has a mission that I believe in, and relatable values, so once you get to know the company and how approachable they are, it’s easy to remain enthusiastic.

Technical Marketing Manager – Brazil

Débora Bernardes (age 27)

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