Our culture

General Manager Schippers Canada

Joost van Asten (age 40)

"Take initiative, work hard and honest and -most importantly- be yourself!"

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Technical Marketing Manager – Brazil

Débora Bernardes (age 27)

"Schippers is a partner you can count on…"

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Division Manager Poultry

Thomas Mallens (age 31)

"You will be challenged at Schippers..."

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HR Manager

Jasper Lauwers (age 47)

"In the end we are just a bunch of normal human beings doing something exceptional. And that's my reason of being happy to be here."

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About MS Schippers

We help our farmers to reduce the use of antibiotics. We advise on prevention policy for the prevention of diseases and develop and sell products for the prevention of antibiotics. Result: In the countries where we are active, the use of antibiotics is decreasing tremendously; so we are really on the right track! We are growing and that is fast ....

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